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Hi all I have written information on my family history and other information on family history .

Take a look at  Family History and Genealogy part one @GoBubblews, Saviel Family Tree in India @GoBubblews, Saviel Family History in India and Burma @GoBubblews and Family History In India @GoBubblews. Please share this with your family and friends .


George T Saviel

07 /02/2015


Passion for genealogical research

Hi all share this with your family and friends.


For the past 8 or 9 years I have researched family history and successfully found a great deal of information on a number of free websites. & are the main websites that will provide free family history. I am so grateful that these websites are free and provide so much information. has provided me with copies of original documentation of the following:

  • Census copies (1910, 1920, 1930, 1940). Within the past year must have bought the rights to the original 1920 & 1930 census records because they are no longer available for free.
  • Naturalization cards.
  • World War I & II draft registration cards.
  • Marriage Certificates.
  • Birth Certificates.

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Saviel Family History In India and Burma.


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The SAVIEL family has been in India and Burma for many years they originated from Europe in the 18th and 19th century.

My family history started with my great grand father GEORGE THOMAS SAVIEL who was born in 1827 in India and his father was GEORGE SAVIEl who was born in England in about 1794. My great grand father first married SOPHIA MARY MORLEY born about 1838 in India at Calcutta, Bengal India in 1853 and they had 3 childern called George Saviel born about 1853 in India , Janett Eliza Saviel born about 1853 in India and Alexander Saviel born about 1864 in India.

My great grand father later married for the second time to Daw Rose Hnin Si in 1873 in Burma. They had 3 childern called Lily Saviel born about 1874, Edwin David Saviel born in 1876 and Annie Lucy Saviel born about 1878 all in Burma . I would like to know if anyone has more information on the Saviel family in India and Burma please let me know so we can search our information.

Edwin David Saviel married Daw Hmyin  in 1903 at the American Baptist Mission Church in Thonze, Burma and they had 9 childern all born in Burma they are called (1) George Saviel ,(2) Sunny James Saviel, (3) Mavis May Saviel, (4)Doris Hazel Saviel, (5) Fred Rolan Saviel, (6) William Joesph Saviel, (7) Harold Saviel, (8) Bertram Henry Saviel, and Douglas Saviel .

My great Grand father worked as a Accountant in the Indian and Burma Government from 1861 to 1888. If anyone has information on his work service history let me know.

I have written information on family history on my site at if you have more information on the SAVIEL family in India and Burma.

George T Saviel

04 of August 2014